SOD Team 2018 Photo

I wish to introduce you to the faces of the 2017/2018 sod team.

In the photo: Riley de Gans, Eric Good, Reid Kidner, Erin Doble, Alex Defazio, Wesley Schlenker, Sarah Groh, Claudia Defazio, Julia Shannon, Lucy Kraychyk, and Braxton Dickey.
Missing: Nick Poole, Lila Yuhasz-Bell, Leon Ewald, Rachel Anderson, Isabel Lewin, Thomas Larson, Anna Zandlviet and sod team coach, Shelby Dickey.
SOD Team 2018

Congratulations to you all! I am incredibly honoured to support this talented group of young skiers. Your hard work, dedication, perseverance and sportsmanship is truly amazing!

-Shelley Doble, SOD Team Coordinator