SOD Introduces Exciting New Paraffin Racing Series

The Southern Ontario District Board of Directors are proud to introduce a new racing series for elementary, high school, college and university students.  One of the distinguishing features of this racing series is that it is focused on having fun and skiing fast, without relying on fancy high end waxes.  That’s why it’s called the SOD Paraffin Series – the only type of wax skiers will use for this racing series are the more basic paraffin waxes.  Keeping it simple, and keeping it fun!

Races will be hosted at a number of different clubs within Southern Ontario District to provide skiers with the opportunity to participate in a variety of different club races.  Skiers will be able to register for those club events and earn points towards medals and prizes at the end of season BBQ – which will be held at Mountainview Ski Resort in Midland on February 22, 2015.

The race series events have now been finalized for the 2014 / 2015 ski season.  They are all listed on the SOD Race Series page  Have a look at the races listed and think about the ones you want to attend.  Clubs will provide their own prizes or medals for their own race events.  Skiers need to participate in 5 of the listed race events to become eligible for SOD Paraffin Series prizes at the end of the season.

It will be a great opportunity for skiers to experience some of Ontario’s best cross country trails and join in the fun.  See you on the trails!