Seeking Hosts for the 2016 – 2017 SOD Paraffin Race Series – Apply by Oct 15

SOD racers are looking forward once again to the 2016 – 2017 SOD Paraffin Racing Series.  This is a fun series of races designed to keep travel distances to a minimum, and give skiers the chance to experience different race formats and distances – and visit a wide variety of awesome ski clubs here in Southern Ontario District.

The SOD Paraffin Series Coordinator ( ) is seeking SOD clubs to host races during the upcoming season.  The hosting requirements are below and all contained on this attached PDF file: 2016-17SODParaffinSeriesHostingRequirements

Colin is requesting all interested clubs to apply by October 15, 2016 to host a race. If you have any questions, please contact

Thanks for considering this.  Skiers from throughout SOD will thank you too!


2016 2017 SOD Paraffin Race Series Hosting Requirements

Race hosts must follow these requirements to be included in the SOD Paraffin Race Series.

In order to be included in the series, hosts must apply to the Paraffin Series Coordinator
( ) by Oct 15, 2016 . This application should include the name of the Chief
of Competition, the race date(s), and an agreement to follow the requirements in this document. In
case of a scheduling conflict, hosts may be required to select alternative dates in order for their
race to be included in the series.

Categories and Results

The host must record results by year of birth (YOB) and gender for athletes up to and including the
Junior Boys and Girls categories. The host may combine YOBs into larger categories, but they
must be combined according to CCC age categories. Multiple CCC age categories may be
combined. For example, the host must not place year 1 junior boys with juveniles while placing
year 2 junior boys with junior men. CCC Age Categories can be found in ICRCCR

The host must either offer separate Open (junior & senior men/women) and Masters categories or
list YOB of each athlete in combined categories. The host may choose whether or not to calculate
Masters awards using an age correction formula.

The host must specify whether paranordic categories are offered on all marketing material. If
terrain permits, we recommend noting “Paranordic categories available upon request to ___”.
The results must list the YOB and club of each athlete. Results must be posted on Zone4 (if race
format is supported), and race file must be submitted to the Paraffin Series Coordinator.
The host must submit a draft Zone4 registration to the Paraffin Series Coordinator before
registration goes live in order to confirm that registration meets the Paraffin Series Hosting


Hosts are encouraged to offer a single distance option for each category. If the host wishes to
offer a choice of distance to one or more categories (ie for a loppet), the host must clearly specify
which distance for each category is to be included for points in the SOD Paraffin Series. This note
must be included on the registration form (ie Zone 4) as well as any marketing material that lists
the distances for each category.


Every SOD race must be paraffin only
for glide waxing for all categories (including open and
masters). Hosts should include the following message (or equivalent) on the registration form as
well as any marketing material.

This race is a part of the SOD Paraffin Race Series. In order to increase accessibility
of the sport, focus on athlete development, and reduce costs, no glide waxes with
fluorocarbons are permitted. No LowFluoro
wax, HighFluorowax, powders, hardeners, or gels are permitted. This restriction applies to all categories, including Open and Masters. This restriction does not apply to grip waxes.


Hosts are encouraged to mention affiliation with the SOD Paraffin Race Series on the race
marketing material, including the SOD website ( ). Hosts are encouraged to
find a sponsor for their race to provide draw prizes.