New SOD Team Coordinator Announced – Welcome Shelley Doble

SOD is pleased to announce that Shelley Doble <> is the new SOD Team Coordinator.  We have developed a selection criteria for the 2016-17 team (see link below).  The selection criteria requires athletes to have competed in at least three SOD Paraffin races in 2015-16.  Athletes who are outside of the selection criteria are welcome to apply for inclusion onto the team.  Nominated athletes will be contacted directly with more information.

For more information about the team selection criteria, please see this Word document: SOD Team Selection Criteria 2017 or see below.




Southern Ontario District

Team Selection Criteria for 2016-2017

 Version 1


The team is named to recognize and support the development of athletes racing the SOD races.  The goal of the SOD Team is to support these athletes to begin to race competitively on the Ontario Cup circuit and to prepare to qualify for the OTS and OST.  The SOD executive believes that the promotions of an active ski racing circuit within SOD will strengthen the ski community by providing opportunities for skiers to come together as a community in fun and friendly competition.

1             Purpose

The provisions in this document will be used by the SOD High Performance Committee, hereafter called HPC, to identify athletes who qualify for the SOD Team 2017.

1.1          Definitions

CCC                       Cross Country Canada

CCO                       Cross Country Ontario

SOD                       Southern Ontario District

HPC-SOD              Southern Ontario District High Performance Committee

NST                        National Ski Team (including development and junior teams)

NTS                        National Talent Squad

NDC                       National Development Centre (includes NDC Thunder Bay, Pierre Harvey Training Centre, and the Alberta World Cup Academy)

OST                        Ontario Ski Team

OTS                        Ontario Talent Squad

SOD Team 2017    SOD Team for the period of Spring 2016 through Winter 2017

Qualifying Year      The 2015-2016 racing season in which athletes qualify for SOD Team

1.2          Eligibility

To be eligible for the SOD Team, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  • be registered with an SOD club at the time of the race
  • be a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status
  • be a permanent resident of Ontario prior to the beginning of the SOD racing series.  A valid Ontario Health Card OR a valid Ontario Driver’s License will be used as proof of permanent Ontario residency.
  • not be named as a member of the OTS, OST, NDC, NTS, or NST in either the qualifying year or year on the team

1.3          Selection Races

Selection will be based off of the SOD Race Series during the Qualifying Year, as posted and updated on the SOD Website (



1.4          Competition Model


Please see below the age categories as per the 2014 Canadian Competition Rules found at


The target YOB for SOD Team 2017 (Qualifying Year 2015-2016) are summarized in the table below:

Category Age as of 31 Dec 2016 YOB
Midget B1 13 2003
Midget G2  13 2003
Midget B2(Juvenile B1) 14 2002
14 2002
Juvenile G1 14 2002
Juvenile B (B2) 15 2001
Juvenile G2 15 2001
Junior B1/G1 16 2000


2             SOD Team 2017

2.1          Team Description

Athletes named to the SOD Team will be representative of the top male and female athletes with years of birth 2003 through 2000 during the qualifying year.  The team selection process is detailed in Section 3.


2.1.1      Benefits

It is the intent of the HPC that athletes named to the SOD Team receive the following, where possible:

  1. Two partially-subsidized dryland camp opportunities
  2.   Subsidized SOD Team clothing
  3. Race support (if requested) for an OCup race hosted within SOD, with any costs paid by the athlete


2.1.2    Obligations

Athletes who accept their nomination to the SOD Team will be asked to

1.  Sign an Athlete Contract and the Athlete’s Code of Conduct.  The Athlete Contract will include a schedule that outlines all planned SOD Team activities for the upcoming season.

2.  Indicate the intent to register as an SOD athlete in the year on the team

3.  Indicate intent to register for a CCC racing license in the year on the team

4.  Indicate intent to compete in at least one OCup race, preferably an OCup race hosted within SOD

5.  Participate in at least one SOD training camp or SOD Team training event during the summer and fall of the year on the team.


3             SOD Team Selection


Up to three male and three female athletes per target YOB will be selected, up to a maximum team size of 24.  The top 3 eligible individuals in each YOB on the SOD Race Series Points from the Qualifying Year will be nominated to the team.  Only athletes who competed in at least three races in the series will be considered.  Note that series points are cumulative across all races in the SOD Race Series.

Athletes who are ineligible (ie due to OTS/OST/etc selection) will not count against the top 3; nominations to the SOD team will continue down the list to get to 3 athletes.

In the event that one or more athletes in the top 3 of their YOB declines a nomination to the team, the next-eligible athlete will not be automatically nominated.  However, the SOD Team Coordinator may extend nominations at their discretion.


3.1       Application for Inclusion to Team

Athletes within the target age groups who competed in at least two of the SOD Race Series events may apply to the SOD Team Coordinator to be included in the team, with a recommendation from a club coach.  Such applications should be sent by email to SOD Team Coordinator as listed in Section 4.  These applications will be evaluated based on team capacity and SOD Race Series ranking within year of birth.  Application deadlines are listed in Appendix 1.


3.2       Appeals for SOD Team Selection

Once the SOD Team has been named and released on the SOD website, any appeals of HPC decisions must be made to the HPC Board of Directors in writing as per Appendix 1.  All appeals should be sent by email to the SOD Team Coordinator as listed in Section 4.  Following the appeal period, the final list will be posted on the SOD website:


4             Members of the HPC

Questions or comments regarding these selection criteria should be directed to a member of the High Performance Committee. The members of the High Performance Committee are:

Name Title Email
Ron Howden Chair
Colin Rhodes Director
Marilyn Suke Director
Shelley Doble SOD Team Coordinator



Appendix 1:

2017 SOD Team Selection

Dates and Deadlines


Date Activity Responsibility
August 2016 Posting of team selection list on HPC
Accepted within 1 week after posting on Applications to be named to the SOD Team as per Section 3.1 Athlete applying for inclusion
Accepted within 1 week after posting on Appeals to the SOD Team All athletes
Within 30 days of posting of SOD Team on Athlete agreements signed All SOD Team athletes