High School Cross Country Ski Racing 2015 – 2016

The High School Cross Country Ski Teams across the province are once again getting ready for the season.  Plenty of pictures already of early season snow, training on the high school grounds or on the local trails. Everyone is excited for the season to begin!  Here is the current listing of the high school races within the Southern Ontario District.  Also check the Calendar for any other races in your area that you may want to attend for training, practice, or to blow the field away! Enjoy the season.


High School Cross Country Nordic Ski Races 2015-2016

Date                                        Race                                                      Venue                                      Registration       Contact

Thursday Dec. 17              Hardwood Invitational                CANCELLED                  No Snow                Amanda Willis  (Hardwood)

Thursday Jan. 7                Thames Valley Invitational         Hardwood Ski and Bike       zone4.ca        Janet Thompson

Thurs. Jan. 7/15               West Hill SS Invitational              Sawmill Trails Hepworth     zone4.ca   Aimee Vereecke

Wed. Jan. 13/16                Phoenix Invitational                      Hardwood Ski and Bike       zone4.ca        Danielle Deroches

Fri. Jan 15/16                    Huntsville Distance Event           Arrowhead Provincial Park     zone4.ca           John Cowan

Sat. Jan 16/16                    Huntsville Team Sprints            Arrowhead Provincial Park      zone4.ca             John Cowan

Tues. Jan. 19/16               Thunderbird Invitational             Hardwood Ski and Bike       zone4.ca        Sarah Vurma

Thurs. Feb. 11/16             Mayfield Invitational                     Highlands Nordic                  zone4.ca         Angus Doughty