A Great Year for the SOD Race Series

Congratulations to all skiers, coaches, and organizers for the second great  SOD Paraffin Race Series and season.  Thanks to all volunteers for all your amazing work in making this season so much fun for all the participants.

Here are the end of season standings following the completion of all six SOD Races, including the finale event at Mountainview Ski Club in Midland.



Individual Standings are listed here:   Paraffin Series Points after 6

Team Standings are listed here:    Club Points Totals 6 Races



Race events were held in six different locations and skiers were challenged with a variety of courses, techniques and distances.

Race 1 – Yuletide Blast at Highlands Nordic in Duntroon

Race 2 – Mono Invitational at Mono Nordic in Orangeville

Race 3 – The Ski Sounder at Georgian Nordic in Parry Sound

Race 4 – Suntrail Special at Bruce Ski Club in Hepworth

Race 5 – Hardwood Night Race at Hardwood Ski & Bike near Barrie

Race 6 – Midland Ski Cross at Mountainview Ski Club in Midland

Final club standing at the end of the race series are:

Team Hardwood

Highlands Trailblazers

Georgian Bay Nordic

Arrowhead Nordic

Georgian Nordic

Congratulations again to all skiers, coaches and clubs! What a great season!